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The Ezy-House units are built to the highest standards and the modular system consists of floor and roof frames, corner profiles and various panel types. The materials used in the construction of these units are robust and designed for high durability to withstand weather extremes, from humid tropical to sub-zero climate zones.


The units can be connected at either the longitudinal or transverse directions without any limits, or even stacked 2 or 3 high, creating multistory structures. All panels are fully interchangeable and the construction of the system is designed, so that unskilled labor and local workforces can be used.


A standard unit comes fully fitted with a door, windows, PVC rolling shutters and full electrical fittings, according to international or applicable local regulations. The electrics consist of a distribution box, various power plugs, light switches and neon lights. On request air-conditioning or heater systems can be installed.

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